Lockheed II

Lockheed II


Lockheed II is a concept piece and the result of a collaboration between Berlin designers Ingo Strobel and Flip Sellin. The visual language of the archaic and ironically military object is a mix of stealth fighter, origami and low resolution crystalline elements. The title playfully refers to Marc Newson’s LC1 Lockheed Chaise Longue of 1985.

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Lockheed II was created in 2005 for the Designbrussels exhibition in Belgium. Strobel and Sellin designed the playfully stealth-shaped object to round off their ironically military themed range of design objects. The outcome was widely acknowledged, and therefore gave birth to the idea of adding more one-off pieces to the “Burning Chrome” project in 2006.

Design Flip Sellin, Ingo Strobel
Materials mild steel nickel plated, round steel powdercoated
Dimensions h 36 cm | w 70 cm | d 210 cm
Photos Yves Sucksdorff
Office Coordination