Miras Villa

Miras Villa

Private residence

This villa with 1000sqm habitable area on four levels and 30+ rooms is one of the first projects where COORDINATION was asked to design the complete architectural and landscaping structure on a blank state.

Planned for a multigenerational household the design had to satisfy a variety of very specific needs in any phase of life.

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The outer appearance reflects the initial request for quite a classical design approach which COORDINATION interpreted with references to neoclassical architecture and Berlin Prussian heritage design. In the course of the project and by close exchange with the owners, contemporary design aspects found their way into the project. Still the design principles developed in the beginning echo through in many bespoke interior elements such as balustrades, wall panellings, floor patterns and ceiling stucco profiles.
Each room was designed individually, featuring a classical approach for spaces such as the library, dining room and kitchen. Gym, family recreation and even the grandparent’s study and bed room show the range of differing and modern directions the owners were open for.

As the building is to last for generations and be a family home for years, all materials had to meet the highest demands. Natural stone sourced in India, parquet from Italy as well as Kazakhstan and bricks from Denmark represent just a minor part of the efforts undertaken to select the most durable components. All customised elements, doors and built-in furniture pieces were pre-fabricated in Germany and shipped to Kazakhstan for installation.

COORDINATION also oversaw the complete construction and fit-out phase on site, coordinating logistics from Germany and looking for the best solutions with local and foreign construction teams. The project set the cornerstone for several follow-up projects on the Kazakh market.

Client private
Assignment Concept, Design, Planning and Fit-Out
Design Flip Sellin, Jochen Gringmuth, Natalie Ziesemer, Katrin Weiß-Höppeler, Rebecca Hellbach, Geri Stavreva
Project Management Flip Sellin, Natalie Ziesemer
Product Selection Flip Sellin, Rebecca Hellbach, Katrin Weiß-Höppeler
Team Silke Jung, Mendel Heit, Christoph Brautzsch, Natalie Kennes, Jeanette Riedel, Jan Stauf
Lighting Design Flip Sellin
Photos Ken Schluchtmann
Office Coordination