Trade fair stand

A space of luminous lines

For the first time our client DLMS ventured into the world of individually designed stands during the ‘European Utility Week’ in Barcelona, so we decided to turn it into a bold statement. The ‘European Utility Week’ is the leading event for the smart utility community and brings together worldwide leaders, start-ups and young talent to drive the industry forward.

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As a strong visual gesture, circumferential LED-light-strips form a space of luminous lines, which defines the stand. Blue panels form the backdrop for the presentation of the DLMS network with its 300+ partners. The floor graphic builds a contrast to the modular double-sided project displays. Bold wall graphics on freestanding slim displays present complex content issues by using easy-to-understand visuals.

Our design plays with the idea of surface area and depth by putting two- and three-dimensional design elements in exciting relationships with each other.

Client DLMS User Association
Assignment Idea, design, planning and execution
Design Jochen Gringmuth, Lena Kramer, Andrea Dunmore
Project Management Lena Kramer
Team Andrea Dunmore, Eike Wendland, Inga Laumann
Graphic Design Patricia Haas, Eike Wendland
Photos Josep Calvo
Office Coordination