Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig

Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition in the former “Messepalast Leipzig” tells about the history of dictatorship, opposition and resistance in the soviet occupation zone and the former GDR. When planning and conceptualising the exhibition, we laid great importance on giving the 3500 original exhibits and time historic media documents sufficient space and serenity and therefore assigned the design itself a primarily supporting function. The result is a timeless place which allows for focused reading, seeing and understanding without diverting too much attention to itself.

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On 2000 sqm exhibition area the visitor is presented with an overview of post war German history. The Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig invites the visitor to actively take part: No GDR museum was created nor a nostalgic adventure park, but a place of learning and communication for all, a place for reflection and for historic self-assurance which allows for an experience of history and encourages discussion and reflection. The interaction between exhibition and visitor not only increases historical knowledge and evokes memories – one’s own history is alive here.

Excerpt from the accompanying publication "Einsichten Diktatur und Widerstand in der DDR".

Client Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Assignment Concept, Design, Planning and Execution
Design Tilman Thürmer, Jochen Gringmuth
Project Management Jochen Gringmuth
Team Martina Zeyen, Julie Guth
Graphic Design Jacques Maguierra
Content Haus der Geschichte
Photos diephotodesigner.de
Office Coordination