Roy Robson

Roy Robson

Trade fair stands

For many years COORDINATION has had the pleasure of designing the stands for Roy Robson during Berlin Fashion Week. The target is to present the new collection in a well-considered high-quality setting – not always common for trade fair stands – and to clearly set the brand apart from the competition both visually and atmospherically. The result is a detail-driven design typical for COORDINATION: a combination of high-quality retail aesthetic, subtle communication dynamics, concisely fresh composition and last, but certainly not least, visual clarity. Bespoke presentation furniture especially designed for Roy Robson, such as reinforced steel tables and hanging frames, was reused and lacquered to suit the new stand concept 4 years in a row.  

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One year an eye-catching oversized billboard attracted the visitor’s attention immediately upon entering the hall. The billboard was continually updated by applying new posters throughout the event. Display frames in fresh yellow hang over the whole height and width of the rear wall on two levels – providing the perfect place for visual merchandising.

In another year light plywood was introduced to the palette and timber steps extended along the rear of the stand to form a stage for the exhibited collection. A large white curtain was draped in soft folds along one of the back walls while two white metal mobiles moving gently overhead formed a playful accent. A subtle blue gradient flowing across different materials and details was a recurring theme of the stand design. The wavy wood grain, the blue and white colours and also the flowing curtain fabric with its soft folds aroused associations with water, sea and freshness.

Client Roy Robson Fashion GmbH & Co. KG
Assignment Idea and Design
Design Flip Sellin, Christian Skeide, Sonja Stadelmaier
Project Management Christian Skeide
Team Sonja Stadelmaier, Christian Skeide, Justyna Puchalska
Photos Nava-Rapacchietta
Office Coordination