Trade fair stand

For the presentation of the Fire+Ice Collection at the Premium Fashion Fair in Berlin, COORDINATION designed a stand that reflects Bogner’s philosophy of balancing sports and luxury.

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On 45 sqm, bright white reflective surfaces as radiant as the snow on a clear winter’s day, remind the visitor of a ski slope. Two dynamic red stripes on the white floor and the high-gloss white back wall evoke the speed of downhill skiing, while a huge clear-blue 4 cubic meter ice display lets you actually feel the winter cold.

Small details such as carefully placed pieces of fur add just the right touch of warmth to this sportive and quite literally cool trade fair stand.

Client Willy Bogner GmbH & Co.KG a.A.
Assignment Concept, design, planning and execution
Design Jochen Gringmuth, Tilman Thürmer
Project Management Jochen Gringmuth
Team Natalie Ziesemer
Office Coordination