Futurium - Gift Shop

Futurium - Gift Shop

Retail Design

CORDINATION has designed the Gift Shop for Futurium, in Berlin.
Located centrally in the foyer of the newly opened Futurium, the gift shop integrates very naturally into the futuristic architecture by Richter Musikowski.

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Six identical plinths in a fresh lime ice hue hold up illuminated cubes like a shining promise and structure the walkways like buildings structure the streets of a city. This condensed silhouette compliments the generous atmosphere of the building and creates the desired proximity to the merchandised products in close vicinity to the textured facade.

Almost naturally clear geometries with minimal detail result in a pure design by cleverly combining surface needs, accessibility and the ideal relationship between the customer and the product. In addition to indirectly lighting the merchandise, the illuminated cubes are a welcome contrast to the pureness of the space. Lime ice coloured recessed shelving on the walls elegantly connects the plinths with the building.

The design is pure, museum-like and has a clear elegance due to its predominantly horizontal volumes. Topography, subdivision and use of space are structured to offer long lasting flexibility: The electrified glass vitrines are easy to reposition and support versatile presentation modes. A variety of contrasting black boxes in various sizes give structure to the pure surfaces for perfect product presentation. Fixed iPad stations offer an additional layer of information on products or topics.

Client Futurium gGmbH, Alexanderufer 2, 10117 Berlin
Assignment Gestaltung, Planung und Ausführung des Museumsshop im Futurium
Design Flip Sellin | Stefanie Hunold
Project Management Stefanie Hunold
Team Gunnar Petersen | Claudia Pineda de Castro
Partner museum 4 you
Custom Furniture Benedikt Rudolph
Photos hoederath.de
Office Coordination