Porsche Studio

Porsche Studio

Showroom concept and roll-out

The brief: To create a unique retail concept with global impact that answers the challenges posed by todays rapidly changing consumer behaviour, specifically in the automotive sector. The traditional Porsche Centres mostly located far from the inner city, are in need of metropolitan city touch-points to find new ways of reaching and connecting with their customers. So the showrooms need to become a fascinating, elegant and attractive urban drop in point.

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Showing aesthetic confidence and creating a shopping landmark is key. Positioned within the retail hotspots of the world, the Porsche Studio comfortably sits next to e.g. Givenchy, Prada, Louis Vuitton and the likes.

Porsche’s precision, dynamics & uncompromising engineering are expressed in an over-arching constructive grid. A two-dimensional pattern is the underlying principle of the retail design and wraps itself round the space to form a three-dimensional matrix.

A bright tunnel of product glorification and an animated atmosphere rewards the visitor when entering. A large LED screen pulsates localized moving imagery into the setting and adds a dynamic sensation, enhanced by a reflecting ceiling and multiplied by semi-opaque glass fins. The stage is framed by adjacent darker boxes containing various special feature areas and interaction points.

Porsche Studios are special locations crafted to stage encounters and engage the customer of today and tomorrow: a multi-channel and diverse community of fans, friends, followers and prospects with a multitude of areas for positive brand engagement and feedback.

Porsche Studios offer a distinctive center stage for the vehicle, positively connecting with the city, its people and their preferred communication platforms and media. The relationship with the customer is strengthened by letting them sense the richness of the brand – through visual, tactile, digital and virtual multi-sensory channels.

Client Porsche AG, Porsche Middle East & Africa
Assignment Idea, concept, planning and execution of the interior design and customized furnishingst
Design Flip Sellin, Jochen Gringmuth, Mark Bendow, Lena Kramer
Project Management Lena Kramer
Team Stefanie Hunold, Claudia Pineda De Castro, Gunnar Petersen, Carén Becker, Katrin Weiß-Höppeler
Partner Mark Bendow, Studio 38 Pure Communication GmbH
AV Planing Macom GmbH
Lighting design weißpunkt und purpur
Fit-out Karagulla Engineering & Contracting SAL, Trendgroup SA
Furniture Design Flip Sellin, Mark Bendow, Claudia Pineda De Castro, Gunnar Petersen
Custom Furniture Assaf & Kabbabe Trading SAL
Graphic Design Studio 38 Pure Communication GmbH
Content Porsche AG, Kemper Kommunikation GmbH
Photos Candid Image, COORDINATION Berlin, Ken Schluchtmann
Awards Automotive Brand contest 2018 - Winner
German Design Award 2019 - Winner
Office Coordination