Ritz Apartment

Ritz Apartment

Private interior

COORDINATION designed and completed this private apartment in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Located on the 30+ floor in the highest and most prominent building of the city, the Esentai Tower, this apartment is aimed to be a place for sensory and intellectual stimulation as well as a refuge for reflection and relaxation.

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The brief for the project was to create a setting purely for leisure, mainly intended for weekend breaks or short stays. This freed the design from the practical limitations usually associated with residential projects and made it a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the design team. Enjoying the full trust of the local client couple, COORDINATION was able to freely create and realise a vision of a very individual and site-specific interior.

Starting with a blank core & shell canvas the space was equipped with everything necessary for a luxurious multi-sensory experience celebrating the unique setting. Initially intended as a three-bedroom apartment the layout was turned into a luxurious one-bedroom loft-style space.

The L-shaped floorplan is composed with a clear spatial hierarchy between social and private areas. It reveals 270° city views while „leaning“ against the impressive setting of the surrounding Tian-Shan mountains. The use of landscape structures and naturel metaphors helped to shape the floorplan, spatial rhythm and atmospheres. Certain areas where emphasized by sloping and shifting and create physical sensations uncommon in a normal home. The experience is a new sensation of space, elegantly flowing without interruption. 

The scope of the project encompassed the complete spatial planning, interior architecture and engineering. This included the design and selection of all surfaces, lights, built-in furniture elements, kitchen units, loose & bespoke furniture pieces, accessories, design editions and a curated, bespoke art selection. Every joint and screw was considered and carefully planned to create a completely harmonious experience.

The Ritz Apartment design was awarded with the distinction 'Iconic Awards Winner 2016' by the German Design Council.

Client Private
Assignment Concept, Design, Planning and Fit-Out
Design Flip Sellin, Natalie Ziesemer
Project Management Natalie Ziesemer, Flip Sellin
Team Karolina Szachułowicz, Jonathan Coates, Panos Gerakakis, Sonja Stadelmaier, Rebecca Hellbach, Claudia Pineda De Castro, Silke Jung
Lighting Design Anne Boissel
Technical Planning BAI GmbH, Johannes Kasche
Site Supervision Jürgen Tietze
Furniture Design Flip Sellin, Philipp Brosche,
Furniture production Girsberger GmbH
Art Consultation Galerie Silberkuppe, Dominic Eichler, Michel Ziegler
Photos Dirk Dähmlow
Awards Iconic Awards Winner 2016
Office Coordination