Technogel Experience Center

Technogel Experience Center

Flagship store and roll-out

This flagship store for high-end gel mattresses and pillows is our client’s first ‘Experience Center’ worldwide. The shop is divided into two clearly defined areas: the ‘Experience Area’, where customers can familiarise themselves with the gel as a material and the ‘Product Area’ where they can test the products. The main goal was to create an environment that lets customers envision how the mattresses would fit into their own homes.

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The ‘Experience Area’ encourages visitors to explore the innovative material, to learn about the benefits and explore the brand. Through a unique interactive media installation the customers can playfully engage with the gel and discover more about the products on a large media screen. An interactive control station, fitted with illuminated gel pads, is positioned prominently in the center of the Experience Area. This touch-activated matrix launches diverse video content on the screen.

The "pillow wall" brings introductory products to the front of the store and showcases the exclusive pillow collection. The built-in furniture is elegantly curved with different integrated gel displays giving the space a light, free-floating feel. Ash wood veneer with an ultra matt finish is the main material while integrated lighting ensures optimal product display.

The product area is a curated living space featuring a center piece bed on a raised platform. Hidden inside the platform are pull-outs for other mattress models conveniently accessible when needed but concealed at all other times. This ensures a high-end residential feel by avoiding dominating product placement. It also underlines the attention to detail and craftmanship behind the mattresses by featuring a beautifully executed storage system. Tactile natural materials such as wood and textile create a warm, modern and inviting setting as a backdrop to highlight the pillows and mattresses in a natural, homely setting.

For a consistent brand experience for prospective locations, the shop interior design is scalable to fit into different store sizes for more shops to come.

Client Technogel Germany GmbH
Assignment Design, planning and execution of the interior design and the complete furnishings
Design Jochen Gringmuth, Lena Kramer, Stefanie Hunold
Project Management Lena Kramer
Team Stefanie Hunold, Andrea Dunmore, Claudia Pineda De Castro, Patricia Haas
Partner FTWild GmbH (concept)
Custom Furniture Benedikt Rudolph
Content Astronaut GmbH
Office Coordination